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Instant Sabudana Upma Recipe

The history of sago dates back to some 5,000 years ago when it was a staple for the Southeast Asians. With time it has become a popular carb diet among various Indian communities and is consumed as a fasting meal as it is easily digestible and replenishes your lost energy. It has similarities in texture and taste with tapioca and therefore is used as a substitute for tapioca in many recipes. The only difference is soaked sago is easier to handle than tapioca when soaked in water.

Sago is used to prepare various salted and sweet dishes. Sago or Sabudana is given as a beverage to soothe your stomach as a healthy alternative for carbonated drinks. It has proven effects in treating ailments related to your metabolism and is a safe food for babies and children. Due to its low-fat content and high amounts of fiber and anti-oxidants, it is a preferred choice for those who are working on weight loss diet.

Sago is available in India, Sri Lanka, New Guinea and other countries of the Asia Pacific. And therefore, it is a staple for people living in various countries of the world. Since sago has no added nutritional properties, people often add vegetables, milk, dry fruits or nuts to add flavour of the dish they prepare with sago.

Sambar Stories Instant Sabudana Upma Mix is an excellent way of preparing a quick meal while you are travelling or when you are not in a mood to cook a full course meal for yourself.

Here’s the recipe for you:

  1. Take 1 cup of Sambar Stories Instant Sabudana Upma mix in a bowl and add hot water just enough water to just soak.
  2. Let it soak for about 15-20 minutes until the sabudana swells up slightly and become softer.
  3. Mix cooked potatoes and roasted peanuts (optional) with the Sabudana mix.
  4. Your SabudanaUpma is ready to eat

You can add your favourite veggies or grated coconut to add a healthy touch to your Sabudana Upma.

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