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Benefits of eating with hands - south Indian way of eating

Benefits of eating with hands - south Indian way of eating


Indian culture has a worldwide repute for its diverse culture and age-old customs that are still practiced with utmost sincerity and piety. India is broadly divided into two parts- northern and southern India with each part glorifying its rich and unique heritage. The salient features of south Indian culture are markedly different when compared to that of North India and eating habit plays the pivotal role of such distinction. While the north Indians have switched over to spoon and forks, the folks of the Dravidian land still hold dearly on to their deeply entrenched heritage and customs. They still keep up the Indian tradition of eating with bare hands.

A lot of fun and jokes go around with such idiosyncratic eating habit of the south Indian folks. This article will give you a list of reasons for the South Indian way of eating with bare hands:

  1. Eating is as much about perceiving your food with all 5 sense organs as it is to fill your stomach. That's why you can best enjoy your food when you eat with your hands.
  2. Your food is always safe in your hands while using a fork or spoon for eating something bony may lead to embarrassing situations if you have not mastered the art of table manners
  3. Trust us, South Indians do excel in using their fingers while eating a dosa or rice without touching their palms.
  4. Before you criminalize the South Indians for this endearing habit, try eating a gooey sandwich with fork and spoon for yourself!
  5. Visit food joints like Subway or KFC and try their “platter of the day". In most cases, they are “finger licking" tasty.
  6. According to the Vedas, our five fingers represent five major elements that control our system- fire is to thumb, ether to your index, air to your middle finger, water to ring finger and air to your little finger. If you use all these five fingers while eating, the spiritual power of the five elements is mixed with your food and is connected to different organs of your body.
  7. Eating with bare hands can improve your blood circulation by stimulation your organs.
  8. We often think eating with a spoon is more hygienic. But, the fact is our hand is more hygienic and safer than a spoon. So, while eating outside it is always recommended to eat with your hands than with a spoon that may not be cleaned properly.


Last, but not the least it's a matter of abiding by and upholding one's culture and tradition. Therefore, eating with hands can never go out of fashion as it is a matter of pride and love for one's own heritage.



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