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Easily the best sambar masala I've had till date. Having tried over 50 brands of sambar powder over the years, I can safely say that nothing has come close to what you guys are preparing. The aroma of the sambar powder fills the kitchen the moment I open the box. The sambar flavours are simply superb with a good balance of all spices. Keep up the great work. Customer for life.

Jaideep Gandhi

Nice and easy and convenient to prepare products. For Vegans visiting foreign lands, it's a blessing. 


Extremely happy with the instant foods I bought. I've tried 2 of the 4 and they're SO VERY GOOD! My 16-yr old who says she hates this kind of food, simply loved it!!!
You guys are exceptional!

Vinoo Matthew

Services are excellent.
Products bought Rasam , Sambar, Garlic Chutney powder and Vegetarian Biryani. Quality and taste of all products are excellent

Amala Priyadarshini

Pleasantly surprised by quick and on time delivery. Poha and Sabudana Upma are quick to make and delicious too. Very happy to have ordered the stuff. Look forward to try some new stuff as well.

Alka Tiwari

Purchased Filter Coffee. Happy with the quality. Delivery was on time. Satisfied.

Sumit Ghosh

LOVED the Pongal. So easy to prepare as well. Haven't had the Sabudana Khichdi yet - maybe this weekend. The peanut chutney was nice too.


Tastes like the Ginger Thokku my granny used to make in Andhra style.


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