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Sometimes for a food lover chutney gives utmost inspiration and happiness. The way this amazing and lucid mixture which contains the richest ingredients and almost goes with all south Indian breakfasts and snacks, well chutney is simply beautiful.

It is easy to make and has a lot of variations with respect to different regions. It is mind-blowing to know that most of the chutney we have today are actually Anglo Indian creations.

Just like Sambar, chutney also has a very old tale to start with. The story of chutney had begun from 500 BC. Chutney and Sambar is undeniably the loved and famous south Indian delights. It is the heart of every Indian home.

Speaking about the variations in Chutney, primarily just like other foods it varies depending on the regions. Coconut chutney is indeed the most popular and prototype image chutneys. In Tamil Nadu, thogayal or thuvayal (Tamil) are preparations similar to chutney but with a pasty consistency. In Andhra Pradesh it is also called roti pacchadi. In Telangana the same are called tokku. Chutneys were usually made with traditional mortar and pestle or an ammikkal (Tamil). But today they are replaced by electric blenders or food processors which are labour saving. The ingredients are added and ground following a particular order, the wet paste thus created is sautéed in vegetable oil, usually gingelly (sesame) or peanut oil. 
Not only in South India, but throughout all the states different kinds of chutneys are prepared. There are varieties of this beauty like 
Coconut chutney, coriander, curry leaf, red chilli, green chilli, garlic, peanut, tamarind, tomato, ginger, radish, mint, lentil chutneys, Pudina (mint) chutney, onion chutney, tamarind chutney, mango chutney, 
Guava and eggplant chutneys.
The most common traditional Indian chutneys today are tamarind chutney, coriander and mint chutney, coconut chutney, and tomato chutney.
One table spoon of homemade coconut chutney contains 60 calories. Chutney has also become a part of western cuisine.
In Sambar Stories, we have instant chutney dry powders made with the true soul of chutney. Only a small effort is needed to bring these wonderful chutneys to life. 
Share your experiences, suggestions and memories regarding chutneys in the comments.
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