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Nutritional facts of Rava Idli

Nutritional facts of Rava Idli

Idlis are steamed cakes of rice and black lentil (urad daal) in a specialized mold i.e. Idli maker and is served with sambhar (vegetable stew) and chutney (a marinade sometimes made of coconut or fried onions). These small treats of delight will serve you best for a healthy diet plan as one piece of Idli is a good punch of 39 calories, 2 gm. of protein, 2 gm. of dietary fiber and 8 gm. of carbohydrate. If you are a fitness buff and want to add more nutrition to your daily servings, you can replace raw rice with rava and uraad dal with black lentil. Still not clear how you can reap the benefits of Rava Idli over plain idli and yet delight in its appetizing tang?

Hereโ€™s a list of the benefits of Rava Idli that you should count on:

  1. One piece of Rava Idli from black lentil consists of a good dose of iron (1 mg per idli approx.). Therefore, a single serving of Idli platter refills your daily requirement of iron (for men 8 mg approx. and women 18 mg approx.).
  2. Rava Idli contains no fat or cholesterol and one serving yields only 16 gm of saturated fat and 300 gm of cholesterol. As a result, you are at a lesser risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
  3. According to health experts, a recommended dose of sodium for an adult should not be more than 2,300 mg of sodium to prevent high blood pressure. In that regard, one piece of Rava Idli contains only 65 mg of sodium.
  4. Idli is an excellent snack which keeps you full and gives you adequate nutritional benefits. A single piece of rava idli not only enhances the taste but also contains essential minerals like Vitamin B-complex, dietary fibre, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. All these nutrients help in building muscles, promoting digestion and bulking up stool.
  5. It also contains 225 gm of carbohydrate approximately that provides you with energy for regular activities.
  6. One single piece of Rava Idli is also packed with calcium, folate, potassium and Vitamin A that are essential of a healthy diet. You can also add grated carrots to the Rava Idli batter to give a healthy kick to your snack.


In a nutshell, Rava Idli is a tastier version of ordinary rice idli and you can yield a surfeit of health benefits from a single serving!

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