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Chutney Powder or Chutney Pudi


This particular food item is one of those quintessential items that would be stocked in almost all South Indian pantries. Yes, I'm speaking about “Chutney pudi / powder” which everybody just loves at my place. Apart from chutneys and sambar, chutney powders are a perfect accompaniment to almost all south Indian breakfast items. It is a lifesaver on those busy mornings, lazy mornings, when you don’t have time/mood to prepare chutneys.
For bachelors or for someone who stays away from home chutney pudi always tops the list of foodstuffs to be taken back.
Parched or dry chutney powders are a type of chutney that is in moisture free powdered form.
In each and every South Indian home, it is relatively popular to discover at least one or perhaps a couple of Podi (Pudi) varieties all the time.
The Telugu and Tamil Brahmins generally prefer to begin their supper with a little podi rice. A small amount of Podi is combined with steamed rice as well as some ghee is drizzled on the surface. After eating this, rice is enjoyed along with other curries and sides. Even in many restaurants, Podi is undoubtedly served.

Typically, watery chutneys cannot be kept for more than 2 or 3 days. These kinds of dry chutney powders can be preserved for 3 to 6 months in airtight jars. It is usually dished up with rice or even other foodstuffs such as dosa, idli, uthappam, paniyaaram etc. It is normally blended with a little amount of ghee as well as sesame seed (gingelly) oil and eaten.
The most advantageous thing about using these kinds of Podis available is that they render hectic busy mornings as well as evenings on a working day quite easier. Rather than preparing a curry, rice or idli or dosa is generally instantaneously offered with a handful of Podi.
It is not just fulfilling but extremely yummy too. Such Podis come handy on long road trips or train journeys. Rice or Idli’s with some Podi remains good for more than a day in room temperature environment.
Different Podi varieties are a great companion to hostelers. Students studying in universities away from home can experience a feeling of home with some homemade Podi & rice.

There are numerous varieties of Podis prepared based on the region. There is the Kandi (red lentil) Podi from Andhra Pradesh and Idli Podi from Tamil Nadu,
Poondu (garlic) Podi, Chammandhi Podi (with roasted coconut) from Kerala, Peanut Podi, Curry leaf (karuvepilai) Podi etc. There are also Podis made using fruit and vegetables which are dry roasted.
You could buy a variety of these Podi’s at Sambar Stories – Idli Podi, Chutney Pudi, Curry Leaves Chutney Powder, Garlic Chutney Powder, Bitter Gourd Chutney Powder & more. Do try them out one at a time and enjoy with your food.


 - Venkat Naik

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