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Sattu Maavu: The Organic Saviour


Sattu Maavu: The Organic Saviour

Believe it or not, there will be a person in every house who is the greatest admirer of Sattu maavu (health mix). Health mix is the combination of toasted and ground pulses and grains famous in India. Many doctors recommend Sattu Maavu for one’s lifestyle and well-being. 

The history of sattu maavu is very ancient. It is a beloved dish in North India, especially in Bihar. In Telangana, during a festival called Bathukamma, many varieties of sattu maavu are prepared and delivered by women. 

Benefits of Health Mix:

Sattu Maavu is a powder that is still on the market because of its health benefits. The health advantages that the health mix has is far more satisfactory. If consumed with buttermilk, the powder helps in reducing weight. For pregnant ladies, Sick person and elders, a health mix is a must for easy digestion and good health. 

Kanji Maavu is a guardian angel for babies. The mix is very rich in protein that leads to rapid growth. One of the ingredients, Ragi, is rich in calcium that helps for the development of bones for babies. It also contains fiber that is good for digestion. Sattu Maavu is a superlative dish for babies who are 6-7 months old.

The Health mix would be a perfect key ingredient for making dosa, pancakes, and idlis. Also, it can be preserved at room temperature for a month and six months in a refrigerator. 

Sambar Stories’ Health Mix Powder:

We are presenting you with the highly nutrient-rich Kanji mix with no added preservatives or food additives. This healthy drink mix helps to enhance your immunity system.

Constituents and Recipe of Kanji Mix:

The nutrition powder is a mixture of grains and millets such as Wheat, Ragi, Channa, Green Gram, Puffed Channa Dal, Soya Bean, Bhajra, Proso Millet, Groundnut, Sago, Cashew, Almond, Elaichi.


  • The mentioned grains are soaked separately in different containers overnight.
  • Tie up the grains in a separate cotton cloth and set them aside in a dry place for a day.
  • Then, roast the grains in a pan in medium-low heat until it gets darker in colour.
  • Once cool down, grind the grains together into a fine powder.

You can keep it in an air-tight container. Add the health mix to milk or water, heat it for a few minutes, and serve. If you want, you can add sugar, jaggery, or honey to it for taste. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order the nutritious health mix powder now from Sambar Stories.

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