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Drink hot or drink not!

Like some brilliant guy wrote on the quint,

“Life is ephemeral, yet deep like foam over filter coffee.”

What is life without coffee! If you are a south Indian you would never forget the first time when you had a hot and frothy filter coffee from the ‘davarah’, the small steel glass and tumbler. Filter coffee is the lynch pin of happiness and satisfaction of a south Indian breakfast. Can’t help but notice how cute and delightful it is waiting for your sip.

To the contemporary generation who are familiar with coffee makers and hangout places like Café coffee day and Starbucks, the preparation of filter coffee would be a novel task. It is truly amazing to find a fact that filter coffee needs a stronger brew than espresso.

A relevant part of the preparation of filter coffee includes a traditional Indian coffee filter which creates the decoction. The decoction is added to the hot milk. Jaggery was sometimes substituted for sugar during the olden times.

Filter coffee contains about 107 calories per glass The Decoction is majorly created from coffee beans (70-80%) and chicory (the other 30-20%).Arabica and Robusta varieties of beans are grown in Tamil Nadu primarily at Nilgiris District, Yercaud and Kodaikanal and at Sakleshpur & Coorg in Karnataka. They are the magic behind this delightful magic.

The acidity of filter coffee is much lower comparing to others like espresso. It is subtly sweet and has delicious finish. In the contemporaneity Filter coffee is gaining its popularity because filter gives you greater precision in the brewing process. The chicory adds the wonderful flavour and brings out a fragrance. The beverage gets a certain consistency and frothy thickness too. Chicory is significant in many ways and one of them is its quality to kill the intestinal worms.

According to the Harward Health Publications,

"Filtered coffee, no matter which kind, is associated with health benefits. Unfiltered (pressed) coffee allows the compound cafestol into your cup. "After five or six cups a day that are unfiltered, the cafestol intake may raise your cholesterol," says Dr. Rimm. And caffeinated coffee may have risks if you're on certain medications."

As a whole, Filter coffee is one magnificent beverage that has multitudes of advantages and makes anyone to yearn for more. Its make-it-easy essence is another speciality that enhances the popularity. Next time don't wait for anyone brew yours but do it yourself and sit back enjoying the legacy of it.

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Also, do share your Filter coffee experiences and memories in the comments.

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