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Cure cough & cold by drinking piping hot pepper rasam


Pepper is loaded with health benefits. Sambar Stories's Pepper Rasam is like a soup which has many benefits like

1. Prevents constipation, good for cough and cold.
2. Has anti- oxidative action.
3. Helpful for convalescing patients.
4. Rich in vitamins, good for pregnant women.
5. Good for introducing babies to solid food.
7.Boosts immune system, increases absorption of Iron and zinc
8. Combats allergies
9. Prevents hypertension,reduces arthritis pain                                                        10. Cures toothache, lowers cholesterol levels

Buy Pepper Rasam mix from Sambar Stories and get these health benefits in a tasty way.

Order from https://www.sambarstories.com/collections/ready-to-cook/products/instant-pepper-rasam?source=blog


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