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Food for Travelling

Ready to Cook Mixes for Travellers

Travelling is something we almost forego anything for. If it’s an all friends’ gang we just need to backpack our stuffs and set on our journey. The problem arises when it’s a family trip and there are elderly folks or kids in your group as you have to keep in mind their diet factor.

Will you discard the eldest and youngest members of your house in your group? Will you depend on online purchase of meals for them?

We at Sambar Stories offer a solution. Considering the cooking issue while you are travelling, we have brought some instant mixes that you can make within 5-10 minutes. You need hot water only (vegetables optional) for preparing instant Upma, Pongal, or Sabudana Upma, Biryani & more while you are away from home and yet want to savour something from your granny’s recipe book.

Now, wherever you go, be it for a trek to the remote hills of northern India or for a jungle safari to the dense forest of Masai Mara, or any foreign locale eating is no longer a worry. Be your own chef and enjoy the mouth-watering recipes with Sambar Stories instant mix.

Going on a family trip or with a large group of travel buddies with this holiday season?

No worries of cooking and serving your loved ones with healthy, Indian food to carry while traveling.

Happy Holidays!

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