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Puliyogare or Puliyodharai Recipe

When it comes to Puliogare or Puliodharai as it is called in different states of South India, there is always a healthy underlying rivalry between the Iyengars residing on either side of the Cauvery vying on their respective culinary skills of preparing this traditional South Indian dish. It is considered to be the favourite of the gods and for that reason, Puliogare is served as prasadam in many temples whether it is at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu or the famous Tirupati Devasthanam at Andhra Pradesh. Puliogare is also served as a popular wedding menu in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

You can make a yummy platter of this tangy rice with a little tamarind pulp, sesame (ellu), and jaggery (optional) that will not satisfy your pangs of hunger but also give you a good dose of nutrition due to the presence of tamarind and sesame.

One of the tastiest versions of Puliogare can be tasted at the temple of Srirangam at Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.

Now, cooking your favourite tamarind rice is just a matter of a few minutes with Sambar Stories Puliogare instant mix.

Here’s a quick recipe of Puliodharai Sadham for you:


2 cups rice

½ cup of tamarind pulp (optional)

½ cup sesame or gingelly oil

½ mustard seeds

Salt to taste

A few dry red chillis

A handful of curry leaves

½ tsp. jaggery (optional)


How to prepare:

  1. First prepare the rice and let it cool. Make sure each grain of rice is separate but well boiled.
  2. Add oil in a frying pan and throw in the red chili, peanuts along with the mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves.
  3. Sauté for one minute and add the tamarind pulp (optional).
  4. Add the Sambar Stories Rasam Powder. You can also add jaggery if you want to balance the extra tanginess of tamarind.
  5. Add salt & pepper as per taste.
  6. Add rice into the mixture.
  7. Your Puliogare is ready to be served with curd or papad.

Else use Sambar Stories Puliyogare Paste or Puliyogare Powder & mix directly with rice, to avoid preparing the mix. Enjoy Puliyogare!


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